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                Weixing Machine
                Weixing Machine
                Weixing Machine
                Weixing Machine


                Professional roll processing equipment enterprises

                Nantong Weixing Machine Co., Ltd., located in the beautiful and rich Nantong city close to the territorial waters of River, is a professional roll processing equipment design and manufacturing company. The company integrates the advantages of the products both at home and abroad, and it mainly produces roll transverse rib groove (crescent) CNC machine tool, CNC machine tool with lettering on roll end face, roll machine tool, roll barrel CNC engraved machine tool and other special machine tools, and has advanced technology equipment and perfect testing means to ensure the manufacturing quality of products. With respect to design and production, the internationally advanced CAD and CAM technology is used.

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                aiso use the key of faith to cooperate with our distributors and clients as usual....
                Could be divided into two types: horizontal and vertical CNC horizontal lathe. Horizontal lathe and a horizontal guide rail and inclined guide two kin.....

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